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Dr Jason Christ’s main focus and passion is to help his patients see a new world of freedom in true health and wellness. He performs a variety of adjusting techniques as needed by each individual patient.

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weightlifting injuries | Dr. Jason Christ, TULSA CHIROPRACTOR

Dr Jason Christ’s main focus and passion is to help his patients see a new world of freedom in true health and wellness.

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Dr. Jason Christ Chiropractic is an advanced weightlifter who believes weight training is a wonderful way to build muscle and sculpt the body naturally. Weight training is often associated with soft tissue pain. Poor technique is the leading cause of injury, indicating a need for those who lift weights to consider each and every movement.

Building muscle results from specific movements that place pressure on the body’s muscles, joints, and connective tissue. To avoid weight liting injuries, it is critically important to execute proper form and technique, preceded by proper warm up.


Before you start weight training, you should be checked out by Tulsa Chiroractor Dr. Jason Christ to make sure it's safe for you to lift weights. In general, when you start a new sport or activity, begin slowly to acclimate your body and avoid exerting yourself more than you should. Because of what is commonly referred to as "delayed onset muscle soreness," the pain from a workout may be at its worst two or three days later.

It is good practice to get professional guidance before you begin any type of weight lifting routine. A good trainer will help you to know how many times per week you should lift and what kind of warm-up/cool-down routine you should perform before and after your workout.

Contact Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Jason Christ to relive weightlifting injuries.PREVENTING BACK INJURIES FROM WEIGHTLIFTING
As a general rule, before one begins or makes changes to a weightlifting routine, it is important to know the condition of one's back and keep weight amounts within personal limits. If anyone has experienced back pain, it is advisable to first get an evaluation from a primary care physician, chiropractor, physiatrist, or other spine specialist before beginning lifting weights.



Specific guidelines that are useful in helping to prevent back injury include:

1. Use less weight, but do more repetitions when lifting weights

2. Consider using a training machine rather than free weights for certain weightlifting exercises. This trade off is important to discuss with both Dr. Christ and your trainer

  • ◦ A machine may reduce stress on the back (for example, quadriceps done sitting at a machine versus squats holding weights) and can generally be used with little or no supervision

  • ◦ But free weights add proprioception (self-regulation of posture and movement in response to the free weights). Proprioception helps enhance the body's balance and stability


In many cases, sports injuries can be prevented. Proper conditioning and warm-up and cool-down procedures, as well as appropriate safety equipment, can substantially reduce injuries. Understanding proper techniques can also go a long way toward preventing injuries.
Sufficient water intake is also an important preventive measure. And proper nutrition is critical for prevention and recovery. Dr. Jason Christ Chiropractic provides chiropractic adjustments, nutrition counseling and wellness care.