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Christ Chiropractic is dedicated to your optimum health! Dr. Jason Christ offers a diverse range services that can fit any budget and any lifestyle for your chiropractic needs. And you'll be proud to know that Dr. Jason Christ is specially trained in nutrition and total-body wellness.

NUTRIENT INJECTABLE THERAPIES: Natural Cold/Flu shots, Vitamin/Mineral shot supplements, B12/B-complex injections for energy, Trigger Point Injections, Natural Anti-Inflammatory Shots for Acute and Chronic Pain, Ascorbate, Immune Boost, Hydration

WHY: IV nutrient therapy can be highly effective for correcting nutrient deficits inside cells, where they are needed. Throughout the progression of certain diseases, the capacity of nutrients to get in and stay inside the cells may be diminished. IV administration helps get those nutrients inside the cell. If cells are repeatedly “flooded” with nutrients, the improvement may be cumulative in their ability to heal, and improve their illness/condition.

How Vitamin and Mineral IV Injections Benefit Your Health

Because vitamin and mineral oral supplements require extensive assimilation and conversion processes that begin in the liver or stomach, the body does not receive the high levels of pure nutrition provided by intravenous injections of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, when people consume rather than introduce larger than normal amounts of vitamins through intravenous injection, this attempt to replace vitamin compounds lost during conversion usually results in gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, diarrhea and cramping.

Cells need the raw materials provided by vitamins and minerals in order to function. Without them, they cannot initiate vital metabolic processes essential to our overall health. Although most of us obtain essential nutrients by eating the right foods, even consuming a diet rich with fruits, vegetables and grains may not give the body the pure power that vitamin/mineral injections provide in order to remain dynamic and healthy.

Many people suffer from medical issues they may not be aware of, such as food allergies, compromised immune systems or poor digestion simply because the symptoms of these issues are often interpreted erroneously as arising from another, separate illness. Even though a person may be taking oral vitamin and mineral supplements, his or her body is simply unable to efficiently convert and transport adequate amounts of nutrients to cells due to one or more of these conditions.

When patients receive injections of vitamins directly into the veins, they generally start to feel better within hours after the procedure. For example, IV therapy that introduces vitamin C directly into the bloodstream provides superior protection against bacteria and viruses that cause colds, influenza and bronchitis because the vitamin is not forced to undergo conversion within the stomach and intestines. These organs are where much of the effectiveness of vitamins is lost.

VITAMIN/MINERAL IV THERAPY USED FOR THE FOLLOWING ILLNESSES: Fibromyalgia Asthma Migraines Parkinson’s disease Chronic sinusitis Allergies Hypertension High cholesterol Even people who normally experience good health can enhance their overall physical and cognitive well-being by periodically experiencing vitamin/mineral injections.

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Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Christ, Wellness Specialist receives the highest recommendations"My knee went out during a family emergency, and I could not afford to be out of commission. I went to an Urgent Care facility, and all they did was wrap my knee, give me a prescription for pain and crutches. They said my anterior ligament was torn and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. The next day I wen to see Dr. Christ. HE adjusted my knee, realigned my tendons and muscles, and taped my knee. Although I was leery of walking, Dr. Christ assured me I could walk normally. Much to my amazement, I was able to walk out of the office without crutches and resume care for my brother. Not only did he save me from a useless surgery, but I was not in pain and therefore did not need pain medication. Dr. Christ has a gift for healing, and I would recommend anyone that has been told they need surgery to visit Dr. Christ first." - Facebook


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