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Dr Jason Christ’s main focus and passion is to help his patients see a new world of freedom in true health and wellness. He performs a variety of adjusting techniques as needed by each individual patient.

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headaches, allergies, sinus | Dr. Jason Christ, TULSA CHIROPRACTOR

Dr Jason Christ’s main focus and passion is to help his patients see a new world of freedom in true health and wellness.

Contact Tulsa Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Christ, Wellness Specialist to relieve sports injuries.

Around 12% of Americans suffer from migraine headaches, while anywhere between 25-50% of the population is affected by seasonal allergies. Researchers analyzed data from the 2008 American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) Study, which included nearly 6,000 respondents.

◦ Two out of three people with migraine reported suffering from rhinitis, also known as nasal allergies, seasonal allergies, or hay fever.

◦ Migraine sufferers with rhinitis had a 33% greater risk of suffering from frequent headaches.

◦ People with “mixed rhinitis”– whose nasal symptoms were triggered by both allergic and non-allergic triggers– were 45% more likely to suffer from frequent headaches and 60% more likely to have more disabling headaches than those without rhinitis. (Allergic triggers included cats, dogs, mold, or tree pollen while non-allergic included cigarette smoke, weather changes, perfumes, and gasoline.)

Tulsa Chiroractor Dr. Jason Christ assists patients in the natural management of tension and migraine headaches, rhinitis leading to sinusitis and allergies. Treatment for the pain and the allergic conditions may be crucial for reducing the frequency of a migraine headache.

Contact Tulsa Chiropractor Dr. Jason Christ today to relieve sports injuries.WHAT CAUSES HEADACHES?

Some are caused by sinus trouble, eye problems, chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, stress, tension, and many other things. Many of them are related to blood vessels constricting referred to as vascular headaches. Yet many headaches can be resolved with spinal adjustments. Improper spinal alignment and headaches are often intimately connected.

The medical solution is to treat the symptom with medication or surgery. Poor vision causes headaches too and can be corrected by simply wearing glasses. And sometimes very serious problems such as hypertension and brain tumors cause headaches.

But for the majority of sufferes, having their spine checked for proper alignment is important. If problems are found in the spine, chiropractic adjustments can relieve headaches, in many cases immediately. If you or someone you know suffers from headaches, call Tulsa chiropractor Jason Christ, D.C. who may be able to help by normalizing the body’s nervous system and allowing it to restore.

If chiropractic doesn’t help, nutritional changes may help your headaches. Dr. Christ wellness specialist who understands the restorative impact of proper nutrition. Deficiencies can range from hormonal to vitamins to minerals. Dr. Jason Christ Chiropractic provides nutrition counseling and wellness care.